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The Beach People | Poesie Jute Bag

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The Beach People 其中一款暢銷商品,黃麻材質很適合攜帶到海邊,不怕沾沙,當然也適合其他日常使用。

About The Beach People

來自澳洲,從小和家人一起在New South Wales 海濱生活成長,Emma and Victoria 決定為了同樣熱愛海灘生活的人們設計系列產品,眾多高質感而且實用的商品,逐漸讓 The Beach People 躍升全球性品牌。

Inspiring slow living and precious time with family by the seaside is at the heart of everything we do. We live for endless days in the sun and understand the need for beach essentials that are as beautiful as they are practical. 

It all began with a simple idea between two sisters, Emma Henderson and Victoria Beattie.. See more 


  • 材質:100% 黃麻、Vegan leather 提把
  • 尺寸:57cm x 40cm
  • 澳洲設計