About Hey Kiddo :

We believe in “Quality products, Quality time!”

Hi, I am Lily- the mother of my baby boy Aiden. I was working as a manager till crazy 2020. Before I left the job, I was busy between my boy and my job, just like most of the parents In Taiwan.

This is where ‘Hey Kiddo’ was born.  

Hey Kiddo will focus on selecting quality, useful, sustainable, and fun products that can fit modern parent needs for their kids.  

Hope we could help working parents to save some time online sourcing the right products and can grasp precious 'quality time' with kiddos every day.  

Hope you like it and enjoy quality time with your kiddos!


Hey Kiddo 的創立初衷,就是這樣來的,我們期望打造一個以Quality product, Quality time為主軸的選品商店,我們從英澳、北歐、美加各國挑選質感、實用、且永續的產品品牌。

希望 Hey Kiddo 的選品妳/你們會喜歡,我們一起享受孩子黏踢踢在我們身邊的時光,Enjoy quality time with our kiddos!   

Our Social Responsibility

1% of our profit goes to Eden social welfare foundation

您的每一筆消費,Hey Kiddo 會協助回饋給予社會,2021年年度贊助單位: 伊甸兒童服務。