About Hey Kiddo :

"Play Is The Highest Form of Research"~ Albert Einstein

Hey Kiddo focus on selecting quality, sustainable, aesthetic, and FUN!  products that can fit modern parent needs for their kids.  

Hope we could help parents to save some time online sourcing the right products and can grasp precious quality time with kiddos every day.   


據信愛因斯坦曾說,Play is the higest form of research,遊戲和玩樂是孩子成長的養份,在自由遊戲中發揮好奇心來探索和啟發創意和想像力。

我們從英澳、北歐、美加各國挑選符合「玩樂為本・質感育兒」標準的品牌,希望 Hey Kiddo 的選品妳/你們會喜歡,Enjoy quality time with our kiddos!    

對了!媽媽們,沒有忘記你們,Hey MAMA 這個分類特地為辛苦的媽媽們而設,希望我們別忘記留點時間給自己喔!

Our Social Responsibility

1% of our profit goes to Mennonite Social Welfare Foundation 

您的每一筆消費,Hey Kiddo 會協助回饋給予社會。